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Porsche Camp4 Colorado January 2008

Camp4 Colorado was held at the Cordillera Resort near Vail, Colorado. We checked in to our home base at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera on Saturday. The event started in the evening with a horse drawn sleigh ride to the Timber Hearth Lodge for a five course meal. On Sunday, we started with breakfast in the lodge followed by a short class at 8:00 am on winter driving techniques. We then headed up the mountain to the driving area that was "built" on a golf course. The driving area consisted of a large skid pad and a configurable set or roads that were constructed on the golf course by laying down a road bed of ice that was then plowed to provide snow banks for soft landings.

We spent our first driving day in a Carrera 4S that Candace and I shared for the entire program. We went through a number of specific exercises: skid pad, slalom, and lane changing. Then we ended our day with a series of runs around a hairpin turn. The evening was special. We rode a Cat pulled sled to Beano's Cabin Restaurant which is located up on the ski mountain of the Beaver Creek Resort. Once again, the food and company were great.

The second day dawned snowy and windy (very windy). We had a short class in Cayenne driving techniques. We then spent the morning driving our Cayenne S on the slalom, skid pad, and road course. The Cayenne S had superior traction compared to the Carrera S but its mass was felt when it was time to slow down for a turn. The high winds and fresh snow gave us some challenging whiteout conditions from time-to-time. However, we were snug in a warm Cayenne with seat heaters while our hardy instructors stood outside in the elements guiding us through the exercises. We finished with lunch at the Golf Course Lodge and then had the afternoon off, which proved beneficial. We met again with the other drivers and instructors for an excellent dinner in the lodge restaurant.

The third day dawned cloudy and cold after a fresh snow fall during the night. However, the clouds cleared and we had a beautiful day. We were back in our black Carrera 4S. We started with learning how to execute a Scandinavian Flick turn on a downhill run that ended with a 90 degree right turn. This was great fun. I bounced off the bank a few times as I slid sideways. Candace did it perfectly. We finished our day with multiple road course sessions. We enjoyed our last evening out at a local Irish Pub where we thanked our great instructors and said goodbye to guests from all over the world. We want to go back again.

PS The Porsche support team did a fabulous job in the background. The vehicles were washed every night and they were always warmed and running at the start of our day and after each lunch. This attention to detail was impressive.

When we arrived at the Cordillera Lodge, we knew we were at the right place thanks to this 911 greeting.
This is a view off our balcony looking down into the Vail Valley where you can just see the lights on Interstate 70.
Candace and I posed alongside the two horsepower sleigh that took us to our first dinner.
On Sunday morning, we got our first look at the road course that was laid onto the Cordillera golf course at 8,960 feet elevation. We were impressed with the effort that it took to craft this course by putting down multiple layers of ice to forma a road bed. The course had nice elevation changes that added to the driving fun.
Here are our Carrera 4S Cabriolets waiting to do the lane change exercise on a downhill road. We had never driven a 911 Cabriolet and we were amazed how quiet it was and how warm & snug we were inside.
An instructor shows Candace how to go left by turning right on the skid pad. The large skid pad was a favorite among the drivers.
A driver from Australia gets a nice drift going on the skid pad.
On the last day, our instructors put on a nice driving exhibition for us. We were thrilled to see one of them spin on the uphill run and plant the 911 in the bank.
As we were heading out, I took this last shot of the view we enjoyed each day.